Customize your session, choosing from the Menu of Services to create a treatment truly unique to your needs!


Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is all encompassing, with techniques ranging from relaxation and stress reduction to deep tissue, myofascial release, and therapeutic cupping. 

30 minutes…$45
60 minutes…$85
90 minutes…$125


TMJD Focus Therapy

Focus work on the head, neck and jaw to relieve TMJD dysfunction.  This in not a full body treatment.

30 minutes…$45

60 minutes…$85


Full Body Therapeutic Cupping for Lymph Drainage & General Wellness

A gentle, full body therapeutic cupping treatment that stimulates lymphatic movement and general detoxification.  This treatment offers a wide variety of possible results, such as body contouring and cellulite reduction, post-sporting event soreness, or simple, luxurious relaxation.  This service involves specific aromatherapy blended oils or therapeutic products that are applied to the body, eventually being fully absorbed while one is wrapped in warm blankets.  Personalized, custom treatments are always available.

While this can be very effective as a single treatment, a full series is recommended in some cases.

90 minutes…$150 / $170 with customized product (essential oils, liniments) and an application and wrapping

*Series of 8 (1 or 2 sessions/week) * inquire for series pricing; discount offered only when purchased as a full series


Micro-Cupping Face & Head Treatment

Gentle therapeutic cupping applied to face and neck which lightly drains excess fluids, helps reduce puffiness, opens sinuses, and stimulates collagen.  No resulting “cupping marks” from this treatment.  Possible, visible benefits after one treatment, while further benefits are cumulative and more dramatic after a series.

30 minutes…$50

*Included in any to Therapeutic Cupping for Lymph Drainage & General Wellness Treatment at NO CHARGE*


Manual Lymph Drainage

with the use of hands, this specialized therapy is designed to mobilize the lymphatic system when its function is challenged.  MLD therapies, are gentle, slow, and methodically applied over the skin’s surface following the lymphatic drainage pathways of the body.  Conditions that benefit from MLD are widely varying (surgical recovery, injury rehabilitation, oncology care, etc.), schedule a consultation to see if this therapy is right for you.

30 minutes…$50*

60 minutes…$100*

*When purchasing a series of sessions, discounted packages available


Thai Massage

An ancient form of therapeutic bodywork that incorporates yoga, acupressure, reflexology, and meditation to soften muscles and increase circulation and flexibility.  Please wear stretching clothes as the work is done on a floor mat, no oils or disrobing. 

90 minutes … $145

120 minutes … $200 


Castor Oil Pack

Cold-pressed castor oil is applied to the abdomen with moist heat pack on top to help absorb and activate the oil.  It helps tone and generally nourishes your internal organs.  Take care or yourself with this simple addition.  This treatment may also be applied to muscularly restricted areas and stiff, overworked, or arthritic joints to bring relief.

Added to appointment …$5



Enhance your massage with aromatic essential oils that relax and soothe while promoting health and well-being of your body, mind, and emotions.  Choose your aroma blend when you arrive for your appointment.

Added to appointment …$5